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Friday, 31 August 2007

Horses sweat, Men perspire and Women glow

Or so the saying goes. However, whoever said that was clearly not enjoying the delights of a Japanese summer! All I can say is thank God for the beach!
Basically it's hot all the time, and humid. The humidity is not unbearable - though i am having a bad hair season because of the moisture in the air. It just seems like there is no respite from the heat, except the air-conditioned shops!
From when I get up, some time between 7 and 7:30 to when I go to bed I am warm, even in the airconditioned comfort of the BOE, or hot, when I am riding my bike places. I suppose the advantage of a bike is that you make your own breeze if you ride fast enough!
The beach technically closed on or about August 18, because of the impending jelly fish season, however we were still swimming there last weekend (August 26) without problems.
This month I have gone to the BOE each day, and in the last couple of weeks, I have gone to visit schools that I will teach at over the year ahead. That's right, I work from 8:30am until midday. Tough for some I realise. Then in the afternoon it's free time, which indicates beach time, or shopping time, or something equally taxing! I recall back in Canberra I used to tease many of my friends who were public servants for doing no work... I now know what it feels like! In fact, I think I do less than most of them combined!
Next week we start school visits, but from the lesson plans it doesn't look like I have a full day for quite a while. In fact, on Monday there are no classes because the students are all preparing for the sports festival. So after the welcome assembly I will practice dancing with the students apparently! While I am enjoying being slack at the moment, I think I will get to the stage where I really want to do something productive! However, if my public servant friends have proven anything it's that the bored stage may be a fair while off! (sorry guys!)

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