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Friday, 7 September 2007

The best mullet on an 8 year old ever!

This morning I went to Sanmi – I’m teaching at the Elementary today. As always, the train ride is spectacular, right along the coastline. The beaches are rocky, and it looks like a fair amount of rubbish washes up along them, so the beaches aren’t idyllic by any stretch of the imagination, but it is quite cool being on a train and almost being about to reach the water.

I arrived at the school before 8.30am –as nice as the train ride is, the walk from the station to the school in the humid weather is almost unbearable. Luckily, the teachers’ room is air-conditioned! I chilled, literally, in there until 10:30, when some of the first graders came to get me for class. Basically they just yell for me “Kato sensei, let’s go” and I go wherever they lead/drag me. I did my intro with a combined first and second grade class, then dashed back to the staff room in time for the 3rd grade kids to come and get me! Then I did my self introduction all over again – and still no one likes the taste of vegemite!

I ate lunch with the first and second grade, and then went out to play for a little while. One of the third graders has the most awesome mullet I have ever seen on anyone aged under 10! (There is a pic, but I`m not supposed to put pics up of students). Sat in the staff room and cooled down again before a train back at 2:40pm.

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