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Saturday, 9 August 2008


I was going to write about how awesome Tokyo DisneyLand was, but right now I am annoyed about checking in to get home!

So, MONTHS ago I booked a direct flight from Narita (TKY) to Melbourne, and paid for it. Then about 4 weeks ago my travel agent contacted me and said I had to be re-routed through Sydney, with 1 hour and 20 mins to make the connection, including customs/immigration etc. Was not happy, but Qantas aren't flying direct to Melbourne anymore apparently, or at least they weren't today or yesterday. So I said fine, and just hoped that the customs thing would work.

When I came to Japan we were allowed 1 hand bag, a laptop and a small suitcase as carry on luggage. Today, when I checked in, I was told I was only allowed 1 piece, despite the people ahead of me carrying on a pram and 3 bags between 2 people. She wanted me to pay $540 to check in the mini-case, as if! So basically I just was entirely unhelpful and appeared on the verge of a nervous breakdown and she kept making more suggestions that would be cheaper. Finally it got to the stage where I had to remove my laptop from its bag, and wrap it in a towel and put it in a plastic bag and promise to put it inside my mini suitcase at the departure gate. I had to put the laptop bag into my checked suitcase (making it 28kg!).

Also, I am not allowed to wear my thongs onboard the plane. I also had to promise to change into shoes at the departure gate. Obviously, my intention is to do neither.

However, now I feel I would be pushing it too far if I buy duty free stuff here, so may just get it in Sydney... But I may also just get it here and put it in my mini case - which does have room in it, rather than put my laptop in it!

Am also worried that when I check into my domestic (Melb to Syd) that they will crack it over the amount of luggage I have. Well they can just deal with it, after all I wasn't supposed to have to make that change!

Aaahh, so annoyed with stupid Qantas.

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