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Monday, 29 October 2007

Space World!

We met at 9:30am down at Higashi Hagi Eki – Flick, Shak, Nicole, Eki and I. Then we drove to Tsucky’s house to pick up Mika and Tsucky. We took Eki’s car – a massive 8 seater people mover! It was just shy of 2 hours to Space World, including a stop just before crossing onto Kyushu.

We got there, and rushed straight onto the rides – neither Shak or Flick had been on rollercoasters before, so they surprised everyone by going on all the available ones!

We went on the Titan – a 60m drop that was awesome, and then to the log flumes – you could pay Y100 for a poncho, but we decided it was unnecessary, and were proved right! Most of the Japanese people had bought them but though we made a big splash when we came down the last ramp we remained relatively dry! We bought souvenir photos, which were a bargain compared to every other theme park/tourist attraction I have ever been to, and there is an absolute stunner of Flick!

Hit the rest of the rollercoasters, and some other rides, before the fabulous (read: crazy) four: Nicole, Shak, Flick and Mika climbed aboard the Zatern. This ride is insane – 135km p/hr, 65m drop at 89 degrees! Nicole and Shak enjoyed it, Mika wasn’t thrilled by it and Flick literally kissed the ground when she got off!

After all our hard work we decided we had earned a greasy hamburger lunch! Again, not as prohibitively pricey as in other tourist attractions. Feeling a bit full, especially Shak (as he had ordered 1 burger but was half way though eating one when they brought him another – apparently they had given him the wrong thing!) we went to the 4D theatre – a silent cartoon – well no dialogue, so easily understandable! Our last activity was the Mission to Mars – a simulator. We went to buy omiyage on our way out, and met a parade – didn’t seem to have much of a theme. J-girls as Ballerina Cowgirls, the 4 characters of the park (no idea what their names are) and some J-boys dressed as cartoon Elvis’!

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Geoff said...

So jealous- looks like it destroys Thorpe Park or Wonderland.
Although I've been to Disneyworld so I shouldn't complain too much...