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Sunday, 4 November 2007

Shak's Confession

So as some of you know I was quite unimpressed at seeing some of the American JETs come over here with over 50kg of luggage, whereas we were only allowed 20kg.

As a result I carefully weighed my suitcase many times while I was packing it. Our travel agency had drummed it into my head that I would have to pay a lot of money if I was 1kg over the limit. In my caution I forgot to pack any shoes in my suitcase (though I had 3 pairs for Tokyo, so I wasn't entirely shoeless!) I know some of you will find it hard to believe that I did that, but it's true.

So I was wearing an old pair of sandals everyday, and they weren't the most comfortable things ever... and I was hanging out for the box of stuff Geoff was going to mail over to me.

Now I made sure everyone in Hagi knew I was desperately waiting for my thongs to arrive! However, only yesterday Shak told me that he was entirely baffled by my desperation, and that I would share it with him! When they arrived he finally realised I meant 'flip flops'.

Aah the English language is a beautiful thing!

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