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Thursday, 8 November 2007

My own (sad version of) Melbourne Cup

Anyway, I did a class on cell phones on Tuesday – riveting stuff really. However, I had been given carte blanche with the ‘game or activity’ so Melbourne Cup, here we come. My justification was that last year a Japanese horse had won. So we did an information gap exercise – thrilling really, and then a sweep. When we were doing it I don’t think the students really understood what the point was. But then I told them I would be back just after 1pm to give prizes, and suddenly the lightbulb went on.

So after my 1 class for the day I went to the staffroom, and wasted the time away, until the race was on! Then I jumped on the internet, and waited for the results!

Back in the 9th grade I announced 1st, 2nd and 3rd – and they all got Australian omiyage – clip on koalas etc, and then the loser! Well I had announced that the person whose horse came last would get vegemite. I had earlier made them all eat it, in a previous lesson where I did a self introduction, and knew NONE of them liked it, so that was going to be great! One of the speech contest boys won, and he was so unimpressed! Everyone else laughed so much though – it was totally worth sacrificing a little vegemite!

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