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Friday, 25 April 2008

Oh Japan...

I get comfortable here. Early on in my stay here I tried to forbid myself for asking the question 'why'. Quite frankly, most days that question could be asked 10 or 20 times. The problem is, that when you ask a Japanese person 'why' they seem to assume you think that the current situation is bad, so then they try to change it - when really all you want to know is 'why' without implying that it needs to change!

However, as I have forbidden the question, I float through most days without really acknowledging how crazy Japan can be! But today two events occurred which almost shocked me into asking 'why'.

Firstly, I was in the photocopying room this morning and a 9th grade boy was having his eyebrows forcibly drawn on by the school counsellor. Apparently there is a minimum thickness of eyebrow required here!

Secondly, the 8th grade boys are currently on the concrete sports field, shirtless in the 15 degree weather, practicing sumo. Seriously, Japanese kids must be made of rubber - there are practically no injuries despite all their crazy sports that they play on concrete.

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Geoff said...

I have 3 issues with this post.

Firstly, WTF re minimum eyebrow width- surely there are better things to worry about. Wish I could have seen the counsellour drawing them on! Ha! I would've had to leave in fear of not being able to stop laughing.

Secondly, someone needs to take that young 'man' aside and explain to him that although we can do a lot of things, there are some that men just shouldn't do. Leave it to the ladies.

Thirdly, have the Japanese ever heard of crash mats and/or public liability?

Seriously, J people totally make my brain hurt. Love them though. Spesh the Harajuku girls- endless hours of amusement and wonder.