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Friday, 8 February 2008

Eating in Class! Practically illegal in Japan!

On my lesson plan on Wednesday just gone it had "bake bread" as the theme. Firstly, I wasn't sure if we were actually going to bake bread, or just talk about it. Secondly, I was worried that I would have to explain how to do it! Thankfully they employ home making teachers in Japan! So I went to the Special Ed class, and watched them make the bread (they had already mixed and kneaded etc in first period so all they had to do was roll up the dough with chocolate or sausage and put it in the oven. So while the bread was baking I was actually expected to teach some English - easy though, the relationship of hour, minute and second... then the bread was done! Now I remember back in high school we would just take home whatever disgusting mess we had created in home ec but here it is much more civilised. The home making teacher made tea for everyone (proper black tea) and we sat down and at the bread... best English class ever.

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