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Thursday, 28 February 2008


The activity in the 8th grade class was to make a dialogue, based on one from the book.

The dialogue from the book:
Clerk: May I help you?
Judy: Yes please, I'm looking for a sweater
C: What kind of sweater are you looking for?
J: Something green
C: How about this one?
J: I like it, but it's too small
C: Shall I show you a bigger one?
J: Yes please. Oh! This is nice. How much is it?
C: It's 5000 yen
J: Ok, I'll take it.

The English teacher made up one as an example:
Board of Education Supervisor: May I help you?
Teacher: Yes, I'm looking for a JET
BOE: What kind of JET are you looking for?
T: A cheerful one
BOE: How about Kate?
T: I like it, but is there a quieter one?


Ezza said...

AHAHAHAHAHA - that's gold. I'd like a quieter one too please....
(only kidding)

Kate Price said...

I just like the way the BOE implies that there is no quiet JET ever! Also, it seems to imply that I am the quietest one...

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