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Friday, 8 February 2008

How I entertain myself...

This week I have taught for a grand total of 8 periods - and this included 1 period of breadmaking and eating (see the previous post) and 1 period of playing Japanese card games with the 1st and 2nd graders at an Elementary school. Actually, I managed to win one of the card games, even though I had, and still have, no idea of how to play the game. In fact, on Friday I had no classes. There was 1 English class scheduled, but the Japanese teachers decided it would be more efficient to have those classes without me. So instead today I made a poster about English proverbs. Given I had HOURS to spend on it, I got a little too creative with coloured paper!

Actually, I often have a lot of spare time at most schools, but especially at Hagi Nishi! So over my time I have been known to go a little wild with coloured paper a few times... here are some of my creations!

Left is my Australia Day Special

For Halloween I attempted to introduce Hamlet's 3 Witches to the school (right)

Christmas Confession - I only made the tree, and all the students had to make decorations in class.

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