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Monday, 3 March 2008

I am sore all over

Yesterday I ran a 5km 'fun run' over mountains...

There are some famous caves near Hagi - Akiyoshi do - and yesterday there was a Marathon Festival. I was not going to run 21.25km (technically it's only a half marathon festival) but was up for the 5km challenge. I even went to the gym beforehand to train. However, I made a fatal error. At the gym, which costs $1.50 per visit, there are 4 treadmills, with all the instructions in Japanese. I have figured out how to press go, and that's about it. Unfortunately I don't know how to set it to 'incline' so I had been practicing running on a flat surface and yesterday was anything but flat - 90% of the time we were running up or down a mountain. Obviously running uphill is hard, but running downhill is just as hard!

I did manage to finish, though I certainly didn't cover myself in glory!

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