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Saturday, 22 March 2008

No longer stranded

Hanging out on Mishima was not the most fun I have had in Japan. All the teachers were really nice to me - they took me to the restaurant that is open for dinner, and the 2nd evening all the teachers had dinner at the Vice Principal's house. Actually, the worst part may have been that I didn't have enough clean clothes! Or that the Vice Principal had to lend me money, so I could pay for the extra 2 nights at the Inn.

During the day it was so boring. I feel so sorry for the teachers who live there. They have to do a 3 year rotation out there, but once they have done it, they get to choose where to go next. Usually the teachers just get shuffled around to different schools every few years, with no say in the matter, so for some teachers the Mishima rotation may be worth it.

Basically, there are 2 restaurants, and 1 shop. There are a lot of vending machines - cigarettes, beer and soft drink, and you can do karaoke at the ryokan (where I stay). That's it.

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