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Monday, 3 March 2008

The School Year is Coming to an End!

The school year in Japan ends on March 26 and the next one starts on April 7. This coming Saturday, whilst I am in Bangladesh, the 9th graders will be graduating, all across Hagi.

Today was the last time I will visit Sanmi JHS until the next school year, so we had a 'games' class with the 9th graders.

They are a great class - pretty good English, and generally quite keen. I have had a lot of fun with them over the last 7 months. I think a big part of why we have fun is that it is a small class - only 14 students - so no one can tune out, because I may pick on them next!

The end of the class was quite embarrassing - I had to write on all their graduation message cards, and give them encouraging farewell messages! Then the students gave me a big card which they had made - mostly full of grammatically correct messages! How gratifying for an English teacher!

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Geoff said...

There's one girl that isn't doing the traditional two finger salute. That's un-Japanese that is!