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Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Yesterday I came out to Mishima (my Island school) for the first time since October. The ferry is often cancelled in the winter, and the water is very wavy, so they don't like to send us then. However, Shak came out here 2 weeks ago and everything was fine, so I was looking forward to seeing the Mishima schools again.

Yesterday the water was so flat, the ride out here so smooth. Even over night in the Ryokan was good (and I don't really like that place). This morning it was raining, pretty hard really, and I even joked that I may want to stay another day, because the water looked so rough. But I really was just joking! Tomorrow is a National Holiday, and I had plans!

At about 1.30 a message came from the port that the ship was cancelled - the last ship of the day. Then even better news, as tomorrow is a holiday there will be no ferries all day. Great. Now I am stuck on Mishima until Friday morning. I had to get the school to pay for the next 2 nights at the Inn, and am a little worried about dinner/breakfast/lunch etc - there is no school tomorrow, so I can't even rely on school lunch!

So tomorrow night there is a dinner at the Vice Principal's house which I will go to... and other than that I will be bored. My ipod battery is almost flat and I have 1/3 of an unread book.

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