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Monday, 12 May 2008

Friday Ramen Club update

Each Friday, after we eat our ramen, we fill out the little customer feedback forms. Not that we entirely understand all the questions, but we do have a routine of what to circle, and know the katakana to write to say what we ordered, and our names, addresses and phone numbers. As a reward for filling out the forms, every so often a customer wins Y3000 ($30) to spend at the ramen shop. My friend Eriko, has managed to win twice in 2 months! Carla, Melody and I are super jealous, and are beginning to get a complex about never winning! Especially for the other 2 girls - given that they have been going practically every Friday for 9 months! That's not to say that the store is anti-foreign, they are really friendly to us, and have come to expect us being loud in the back corner! Also, Eriko always ends up using her voucher to buy gyoza or something like that for us all. It's just that we think the store owners are probably too freaked out to call and have to deal with our rubbish Japanese!

Congratulations Eriko!

1 comment:

xavhall said...

Clearly you don't win because you don't have enough FIGHT!

Unlike Eriko, who is the FIGHT master.