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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Christmas bells are ringing!

Christmas sparkled, was whimsical, and was generally strange. It was my first Christmas not in Melbourne, but Singapore was beautiful. Most streets were all lit up, and all the shopping centres had made an effort to christmasify the mall, some with more success than others.

On Christmas Eve Geoff and I went down to Orchard Rd – which may have been a mistake! The streets were jammed with cars, and the footpaths with people - we ended up walking along the garden walls to get around! We also had to avoid the fake snow. There were little stalls along the streets selling cans of fake snow, 6 for $10, not silly string, but more like shaving foam, and Geoff and I got fake snowed a couple of times each!

On Christmas day we woke up, and it was just like a normal day for Singapore! Most shops and every second restaurant was open, and the shopping centres were full of people – the ‘post Christmas’ sales in Singapore start on Christmas day apparently!

Geoff and I found a Balinese restaurant for lunch, and ate cupcakes for dessert! Back in the hotel we called our families back home, and I opened up the presents people had sent over!

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