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Sunday, 20 January 2008

I am a calligraphy master!

Today the Hagi International Volunteer Club had its fourth Calligraphy Class. The aim was "to paint your new year hopes." However, my kanji skills are fairly limited so I let Isa sensei (left) choose a kanji for me - I started with 'dream.' Luckily it ONLY has 12 strokes, and he drew it out, and marked the stroke order.

So he made me practice that kanji a few hundred times... and then he gave me a new kanji 'fun.' Even though it had less strokes, it was way harder, I kept making it look like a stick figure rather than a kanji!

After we had drawn our hopes we were interviewed by Hagi Cable Television - and will be on the news next Monday at midday apparently.

After class a couple of the Club members brought out sushi and beer and we had a little party!

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Geoff said...

I see a burgeoning film career waiting upon your return