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Monday, 7 January 2008

Shopaholics Unanonymous

My holiday in Singapore also afforded me ample opportunity to indulge a love of mine, shopping! Living in Japan has meant that I have done very little shopping, which has been probably a good thing for my bank account though!

So in Singapore shopping is a national obsession, along with eating (which I have already posted about) and there are malls everywhere! In fact, when you exit an MRT station you will find a mall, or sometimes 3 or even more. From City Hall MRT you can get to the City Link Mall, Raffles Mall, Marina Square, Suntec City and the Esplanades Mall - and they are ALL connected.

Despite all the options we didn’t really do that much shopping, though Geoff may disagree and think we did too much.

I bought some shoes – to fuel my obsession, and a few tee shirts. Geoff didn’t really buy anything except a tee shirt when he didn’t want to do laundry.

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Geoff said...

I want it said for the record that I barely grumbled about the shopping, if at all.