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Monday, 28 January 2008

For the health!

"For the Health" is a phrase I hear often in Japan - used to excuse terrible school lunches on the whole, but today I learnt 2 new things that we must do for our health

1. students must gargle between each class - there is a special solution called "husu" that sits in a pump pack, with piles of small disposable paper cups, in each room for this purpose.
2. the air in the classroom must be changed regularly - this means that in the middle of the class all the windows must be opened and the heater turned off, and this in sub 5 degree weather. Seriously. And of course the students don't want to do this, so what happens is they slide the windows back and forth, arguing about who has to have the cold air blowing on them. Apparently new air is good for the health. However, I tried to explain that maybe freezing cold air was not so good... not sure if I was understood!

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